I’m looking for leading and emerging diverse writers in the sustainable travel field to write guest content.


I’m interested in well researched and detailed content focused on sustainable travel, such as:

  • Sustainable city guides
  • Sustainable travel guides or itineraries
  • Sustainable ecotourism experiences
  • Personal narratives about environmental lessons learned while traveling
    • An example could be things I learned about reducing my plastic waste while traveling in Kenya.
  • Ethical, cultural interactions from travel
  • Sustainable tips to consider when visiting X
    • Locals and residents only
  • Local stories from vulnerable travel destinations
  • Ethical wildlife encounters
  • Regenerative travel stories
    • Regenerative travel is travel that improves a destination
  • Outdoor and nature guides
  • Anything you feel is relevant to sustainable travel

Terms and Conditions

  • I may include ethical affiliate links
  • I run ads on my site post.
  • I’m looking for content at a minimum of 1,200 words
  • I may summarize your content in social media graphics – crediting you
  • Paid content is labeled and disclosed as such
  • I retain rights to ask for edits or make small edits for SEO
  • I often write an introduction and conclusion to align with my brand
  • Make sure you are following me across social media
  • I pay within 7 days of final approved edits
  • Payment is made via PayPal either in EUR or USD – you must submit an invoice to get paid.
  • I require a contract between both parties.
  • Posts are optimized with shareable graphics and pins
    • Sharing your post once published is highly encouraged, but please tag me!
  • You will receive an author bio and a rotating spot on my contributor page
    • I would love for you to feature a do-follow link back to your article on your site. I can provide my logo for this purpose

Pitch & Content Guidelines

To send a pitch, please use the following guidelines:

  • Send an email to hello@curiositysaves.com with PITCH as the first part of the title, followed by your topic
  • I pay for content, but as a new site, I operate with a limited budget and only accept a very limited amount of content. I may have to turn down some offers, so please understand. If I am unable to accept your offer and I hope we can work together in the future as my site grows.
    • I prioritize diverse writers and contributors with unique quality pitches
  • Include a detailed pitch about the topic, including possible headings
  • Include writing samples, or a link to a relevant blog post
  • Include some background information about you and why you should write the article
  • The content should be original, not reproduced or repurposed in the future or from the past
  • I want your voice! I love to feature original voices! So, please put your personality into the pitch. One of my goals is to feature diversity in writing, culture, ethnicity, opinions, creativity, etc. I don’t want all the guest content on my site to sound like me – I want it to sound like you! So, feel free to get creative, make me laugh, make me cry, or allow me to learn something new!
  • Clearly identify your rates, terms, and conditions
  • State if you provide your own images or if I need to source from creative commons
  • The final content should be thorough, researched, ethical, and focus on sustainability
  • If you’re interested in doing a social media takeover, Twitter chat, or live based on your content – let me know.
  • Please wait to hear back from me, so we can discuss terms and conditions before moving forward