I’m looking for leading and emerging diverse writers in the sustainable travel field to write guest content.


I’m interested in well-researched content, focused on topics related to sustainable and ethical travel. Some examples are:

  • Urban Sustainability Guides / Sustainable City Breaks
  • Sustainable travel guides or itineraries
    • These can include sustainable travel guides away from urban areas – Itinerary diffusing mass tourism, agricultural tourism, off-beat travel, nature-based itineraries.
    • Slow travel itineraries
    • Vegetarian or ethical eating guides to a city or a country
    • Off-season travel guides
    • Locals or residents preferred
  • Sustainable ecotourism experiences
  • Personal narratives about environmental lessons learned while traveling
    • An example could be things I learned about reducing my plastic waste while traveling in Kenya
  • Ethical and authentic cultural travel experiences
  • Sustainable tips to consider when visiting X
  • Sustainable travel tips – a listicle style
    • Sustainable packing lists
    • Ways to reduce waste
    • X ways to support local businesses when traveling in Y
    • Sustainable local hotels (review or roundup in a destination)
    • Check out these 10 apps for sustainable travel and lifestyle
  • Local stories from vulnerable travel destinations
  • Ethical wildlife encounters
    • Should focus on sustainable ecotourism and include research on the welfare of animals and their conservation status
    • Could be a roundup, a focus on a specific tour, or a personal narrative
    • See this ethical penguin tour in New Zealand highlighting conservation efforts.
  • Regenerative travel stories
  • Outdoor and nature guides – please include some sustainability tips throughout
  • An educational photo essay of nature-based tourism
  • Anything you feel is relevant to sustainable travel

Terms and Conditions

  • I may include affiliate links
  • I run ads on my site
  • I’m looking for content between 1,200 – 1,500 words
  • My budget is about .10 cents USD per word
    • But, if you have a rate sheet, please send it as an attachment and I will look over and consider it.
  • As a new site, I only have the capacity to accept 1-2 paid pitches a month.
  • Paid content is labeled and disclosed as such.
  • I pay within 7 days of final approved edits. I am open to paying prior to submission of final work as long as I have a preview of work first or have worked with you previously.
  • Payment is made via PayPal either in USD or EUR – you must submit an invoice to get paid.
  • Alternatively, if you are a travel blogger and are more interested in a do-follow backlink you can write a guest post in order to receive a do-follow link in return. I can accept unlimited pitches from those looking to build their DA
    • My DA is 35
  • I require a contract between both parties.
  • I do not retain any legal rights to your photos. If they are your personal photos I will credit you. I will use them for social media unless otherwise stated.
  • I retain rights to ask for edits or make small edits
  • I often write an introduction and conclusion to align with my brand
  • Make sure you are following me across social media on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn – based on where you are active
  • I may summarize your content in social media graphics – crediting and tagging you
  • I ask that you place a do-follow link back to the article you write for me from your website.
    • I can provide a logo for “As Seen In” pages.
  • Posts are optimized with shareable graphics and pins
    • Sharing your post once published is highly encouraged, and please tag me!
  • You will receive an author bio and a rotating featured spot on my contributor page

Pitch Guidelines

If you are interested in creating content that aligns with the values of Curiosity Saves Travel and you agree to my terms, conditions, and budget then I would love to hear from you!

To send a pitch, please use the following guidelines:

  • Send an email to hello@curiositysaves.com with PITCH as the first part of the title, followed by your topic
  • Include a detailed pitch about the topic, including possible headings
  • Include writing samples, or a link to a relevant blog post
  • Include some background information about you and why you should write the article
  • The content should be original, not reproduced or repurposed in the future or from the past on other websites.
  • I want your voice! I hope to feature diversity in writing styles, culture, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, lived experiences, creativity, etc. I don’t want all the guest content on my site to sound like me – I want it to sound like you! So, feel free to get creative, make me laugh, make me cry, or allow me to learn something new!
  • State if you provide your own images or if I need to source from creative commons
  • The final content should be thorough, researched, ethical, and focus on sustainability
  • If you’re interested in doing a social media takeover, Twitter chat, or live based on your content – let me know.
  • Please wait to hear back from me, so we can discuss terms and conditions before moving forward.
  • I prioritize working with individuals that align with my values and are interested in meaningful collaborations – rather than just hiring ghostwriters or content generators. If I am unable to accept your offer, I hope we can work together in the future as my site grows.
  • When you send your pitch please include – “I have read your contributor guidelines” and ensure you send me all the information I ask for to help things go smoothly.¬†

I look forward to reading your pitches!